The Bet

1. Robert cannot shave, trim, or cut his facial hair (or hair on head) for 1 year (365 days) starting the first day of school 2009 (08/17/09) to the last day of summer vacation 2010 (tentatively 08/16/10, but will be updated when official date become available).

2.   Hair which must NOT be cut: scalp hair (that which is usually styled at a salon/barbershop), mustache area, beard area including chin and cheek areas, side-burns area, and neck area (typical facial hair areas). Facial hair area does NOT include; eye brows, ear hair, or nasal hair – tweeze/trim accordingly.

3.   Conditions of bet: Brian and Erik bet $1.00 a day that Robert cannot go 1 full year without shaving (details/dates as described in above paragraphs), for a total of $365 to be paid at the end of the year if the bet is completed successfully. Bragging rights shall also be awarded. Other parties may join in the bet if they so choose. Bettors are not limited to Brian and Erik. If additional individuals so choose to accept the conditions of the bet, the winnings or payout will be split evenly among parties. 

4.   Robert can choose to shave at any point, but forfeits all money that would have been paid and losses all bragging rights.

5. Conditions #3 and #4 (as above) are both considered a wash and the bet is null-and-void if Robert is REQUIRED to shave by either his place of employment or his martial arts instructor. Written confirmation must be provided from said establishments.

6.   If Robert shaves at any point (not including the reason outlined in condition #5), as a repercussion of his actions he loses any and all bragging rights and is required to “pay back” Brian and Erik a total of 1/2 the money that would have be accounted for the remaining days. (For example: Robert chooses to shave on day 200, he would then be required to pay $82.50. (365-200=165/2=82.5=$82.50))



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  2. Let’s make it happen, Cap’n.

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