Day 299 / Week 42


¬†As you can see this Blithering Idiot is a real Cannibal, especially with that dead sexy pink braclette on to go with his fluffy muff. Just sayin’.


Day 288 / Week 41

Day 288 / Week 41

You guys wanna know a secret? Do you know what Roby’s greatest dream is, his life’s ambition, his true soul-searching-deep-down-inside-one-true-dream is? Roby REALLY REALLY¬†wants to be a wrestler! It’s true. In this picture we have captured the wild Roby with his true heroes: Big John Stud, The Undertaker, “Random-Jobber-Wrestler-Dude”, and Cactus Jack. I mean, seriously, just look at Roby. Now look at his dolls. Now look at Roby again. See? You see it: he loves his dolls, he loves wrestling, and he loves his muff!