Day 283 / Week 40

Day 283 / Week 40

What’s up BITCHES!? Roby’s still rockin hard on the beard, roughly two and a half months left to go … of course they’re the SUMMER months! Let’s see how ridiculous this all gets before it’s over. Love the em-eff-in MUFF!


Day 274 / Week 39

Day 274 / Week 39

Hey Gang, Roby’s going strong, only like 3 more months to go, can you believe it!? Anyway, sometimes he gets ridiculous, and he’ll eat up all your crackers and your licorice … so watch out! Until next time true believers, love the muff …

Day 260 / Week 37

Day 260 / Week 37

There is only one thing on this dude’s mind: fuckin goats! Yup … love the muff.