Day 253 / Week 36

Day 253 / Week 36

Hey everybody, it’s Prospector Roby, and he’s lookin’ for gold! That’s right, supposedly there’s gold in this here internets and Prospector Roby is all about finding it. What’s that you say? What’s over my shoulder? Well, I’ll be damned, it’s gold Dogfish Headseses, I must have found that there gold they were speakin’ of … Well, I guess I’ll do what the sign says, ‘Drink’.


Day 245 / Week 35

Day 245 / Week 35

Sorry for the delay good people (all five of you) but sometimes things get busy in the world of Versus the Razor. Anyway, enjoy Roby/Burton in Austin. Until next time …

(photo lifted from D.Woolard)

Day 227 / Week 33

Day 227 / Week 33

Did you know this Muff-Lover recently starred in a new action-adventure movie? Well, he sure did! And soon it’ll be posted here for the world’s viewing pleasure. Roby vs. the Razor and the Legend of the Ancient Shaver … can you believe it … me neither 🙂 Stay tuned!