Day 194 / Week 28


Here’s your Roby for your Jonesies, or some such non-sense … Anyway, sorry about the delay, some times trying to capture the elusive muff on film is like trying to snag a photo-op with Sasquatch his royal-hairiness, tough gig.

So, have there been any side bets about the beard yet? Is he going to make it? What’s living in there? What does he name it? Does he stroke it when no one else is around? (eewww) Do you want to touch it … ? I’m just saying.


Day 182 / Week 26

Day 182 Week 26

By my count we’re unofficially half way. Going by the starting date only, we’ve got until the 17th, so four more days. We’ll have to put a half way photo up and a new measurement of where we stand.

BTW, the camera used for this picture has ‘facial recognition’ and only recognized one face in this picture, can you guess which face it didn’t recognize … ?

Love the muff!

Day 174 / Week 25

Day 174 / Week 25

Sorry about the delayed post, but hopefully this will fill your void. Looks like big news next week, almost half way there and probably time for a remeasure. What, Bishop’s Finger …? Don’t ask me!