Day 77 / Week 11

Day 77 / Week 11

Day 77 / Week 11

Hey Now! Bizarro Roby here checking in for Roby vs the Razor, and WOW look, it’s RazorRoby all dressed up for Halloween as Burton Baton! “Burton Baton, who’s that!?” you may ask, well, I think it’s time you popped a snack-bag full of microwave popcorn and prepare to enjoy the awesomeness known as World Wide Clout (permanent link to the right). Then you too will know who Burton Baton is, and why you’ll want to be him for Halloween next year too. Until our next hair-ball post good people – enjoy the mane.



  1. you look awesome…i hope you never shave again

  2. cat stevens says what?

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