Beardy Bucks


$365 Dollas Make You Holla!

365 Dollas!

So this is what a dollar a day looks like. Three hundred and sixty-five fat ones. Just think about the gangsta knot you could rock in your pocket with that fat bundle, just toss a hundred dollar bill on the outside and you’d like you were big pimpin’!

$365 Dollas Make You Holla!

Vealy Vulva

Death of a Beard

Death of a Beard

Roby vs. The Razor

Enjoy the picture show, enjoy the life of the muff.

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Roby vs. The Razor, posted with vodpod

Day 316 / Week 44

Day 316 / Week 44

Day 316 / Week 44

Day 316, week 44 … look how far he’s come. Four and seven sixteenths of an inch by the hair on his chinny-chin-chin. Redunkulous to say the least. I wonder if he still has a face under there, or anything else. Only time will tell I suppose, only time will tell … Love the muff? I’m sure you do!

Day 299 / Week 42


 As you can see this Blithering Idiot is a real Cannibal, especially with that dead sexy pink braclette on to go with his fluffy muff. Just sayin’.